Welcome to the November episode of The Big Enchilada podcast, called Psychic Flotsam. Sit down. Relax. Look deep into my eyes. The Spirits are about to speak.

You’re going to hear some mystical sounds of Carbon/Silicon, The Ding Dongs, The Tandoori Knights, The Gories,  The Rockin’ Guys and so much more, all very cosmic — in a trashy kinda way


(Background Music: Cosmic Bellydance by The Monsters)
Fix That Broken Halo by The Ruiners
Ding Dong Party by The Ding-Dongs
Bandstand by The Tandoori Knights
Great Big Idol With the Golden Head by The Gories
Framed by The Coasters
The Return of the Pretty One by Lord Sundance

(Background Music: Hell of a Woman by Impala)
November by The Rockin’ Guys
Turboa by Make-Overs
Man Man by Leroy MacQueen & The Gussets
Ringue by Horror Deluxe
A Poison Tree by Movie Star Junkies
Happyland by Arrington de Dionyso & Old Time Relijun
Daddy The Swingin’ Surburbanite by The Weird-ohs

(Background Music: Grungy by Davie Allan & The Arrows )
Flyin’ Blind by Nick Curran & The Lowlifes with Phil Alvin
El Tren de la Costa by The Del Moroccos
Outta Site by Sinister Six
Sin Eater by Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
What’s Up Doc by Carbon-Silicon


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