Here’s an entire hour of good, clean fun for the whole family. You’ll find none of the depraved filth that defiles and debauches American youth. No lurid lyrics or scurvy rhymes, no savage beats that appeal to your animal nature. No disgusting perversity that soils the spirit.

Except where it sounds good.



(Background Music: Crazy Vibrations by The Bikinis)
Wish You Would by The Dex Romweber Duo
Car Troubles by The Del-Gators
It’s a Hard Life by The Seeds
Bucket O Blood by Big Boy Groves
Icon by Dogs Bollocks
La Routa Gira by Le Carogne
But Officer by Sonny Knight

(Background Music: Junkie Chase by Nat Dove & The Devils)
Daddy Was a Preacher Mama Was a Go-Go Girl by Miss DeLois & the Music Men
Puppy Dog Love by Bloodshot Bill
Old School Boogie by The Juke Joint Pimps
Shakey Shake by Shouting Thomas & The Torments
Shake It and Break It by The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
On the Prowl by Wolfboy Slim
Run Red Run by The Coasters

(Background Music: Purple Girlfriend by The Goldstars.)
Denied Rights by Piñata Protest
Gilligan’s Island by Manic Hispanic
Automatic by The Hentchmen
Creeping Love by Invaders From Verdelha
Wine O Wine by The Gators
Harlem Shuffle by The
(Background Music: Perry Mason Theme by Buddy Morrow — R.I.P. Fred Steiner)


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