Here’s some some razor-laden apples to bob for this  Halloween season. It’s the 2001 Big Enchilada Spooktacular to help you keep the true spirit of this holiday in your heart. This also marks my third anniversary of doing this silly show. So come on, podlubbers, let’s get creeped out together!



(Background Music: Zombie Drums by The Zombie Surfers)
Devil’s Stomping Ground by Southern Culture on the Skids
Ghoulman Confidential by The Fleshtones
Vampire Sugar by Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons *
Spiders and Skulls by The Liquid Vapours *
I Walked With the Zombie by Roky Erikson & The Nervebreakers
The Haunted House Boogie by Happy Wilson

Mostruo Vodu Punk by Horror Deluxe
Frankenstein by 22 Pistepirkko
Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon by The Cramps
Transylvania Terror Train by Capt. Clegg & The Night Creatures
Monsters of the ID by Stan Ridgway
The Skeleton in the Closet by Putney Dandridge

(Background Music: Miss Monster by Modie Bones) *
I Lost My Baby to a Satan Cult by Stephen W. Terrell
Wolfman on Your Trail by 3-D Invisibles
Hungry Teenage Wolfman by The Bama Lamas *
Devil Dance by The Devils
Vampire by Half Japanese
Ghost in the Graveyard by The Prairie Ramblers
(Background Music: Halloween Hell by The Goldstars)


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