BIG ENCHILADA 58: Felonious Funhouse

There’s something sinister about this midway attraction. Step right up to the Felonious Fun House, where scuzzy carnival fun turns into a journey to the Beyond. And just when think it’s over, it’s time to take the funhouse slide down into the wild realm of psychedelic Africa.

(Background Music: Dance of the Hours by Spike Jones)
Girl, You Captivate Me by Question Mark & The Mysterians
Strange Movie by The Troggs
One Way Ride by Raunch Hands Bigg Topp
Duende by Churchwood
Albuquerque Freakout by Holy Wave

(Background Music: Hell’s Caroussel by Abormalace)
Ooga Booga Rock by Hipbone Slim & The Knee-Tremblers
Take it Off by Midnight Woolf
Silver Monkey by The Copper Gamins
That’s My Girl by The Monks
We Kill Evil by Pocket FishRmen
Keg Party at the Muldoon Farm (Ultimate Mix) by Joe West

(Background Music: The Circus Machine by Ron Perovich)

Psychedelic Africa Set
Okponmo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le by The Psychedelic Aliens
Adieu by Ofege
Allah Wakbarr by Ofo & The Black Company
Babalawo by The Thermometers
Acid Rock by The Funkees


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