BIG ENCHILADA 80: Friendly Rock ‘n’ Roll



Welcome to the first Big Enchilada episode of 2015. The Big Enchilada only wants to be your friend, So sit back and enjoy this friendly rock ‘n’ roll. We won’t hurt you. Honest.


Here’s the playlist:
(Background Music: The Westhell by The West Hell 5)
Electric Mind Machine by Electric Mind Machine
Voodoo Mirror by Iguana Death Cult
Treat Her Right by Bluebonnets
I’m a Trashman by Deke Dickerson & The Trashmen
Poor But Proud by Johnny Dowd
Hej Młody Junaku (Hey Young Brave One) by Zuch Kazik

(Background Music: Beat Party 1 by Richie & The Squires)
The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave by The Electric Mess
Chemtrailer Trash by Churchwood
A Yellow Mellow Hardtrop by Ray Johnson & The Bystanders
Make Some Time with You by John Schooley
Bird Brain by Scovilles
Trouble Hurricane by The Grannies
Two Lovely Black Eyes by Charles Coborn

(Background Music: Ya Ha Bi Bi by The Sheiks )
Golden Surf II by Pere Ubu
Camera (Queer Sound) by Thee Oh Sees
Jailbird by Narco States
Teenage Jamboree by The Dusters
Before I Let You Go by Frantic Flattops
It’s Over by Ty Segal


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