BIG ENCHILADA 92: Hard at Work


Welcome to the first Big Enchilada podcast episode of 2016. We’ve all been working hard since the holidays, so let’s just take a little break for some music. This is the most rocking show I’ve done in a while, And it might just be the first show in podcast history to have songs by Dead Moon and Tom Jones in the same episode!


Here’s the playlist:(Background Music: Black Cat Strut by WaveSauce)
Way Down in the Hole by Compulsive Gamblers
Parchment Farm by Dead Moon
Prove Me Wrong by Thee Fine Lines
Drug Mugger by Ty Segal
Everything Went Black by The Phantom Scars
Burning Tread Baby by Left Wing Fascists(Background Music: Song of The Nairobi Trio (Solfeggio) by The Fortune Tellers
I Wish You Would by Tom Jones
Get Outa My Way by The Laughing Dogs
So Long Sanity by The Orange Iguanas
Insecticide by Downliners Sect
Sztos (Stroke) by Kazik & Kwartet ProForma
Nowheria by Bungalow Bums
Saved by The Woggles(Background Music: Tarzan’s Monkey by The Apes)
A Glimpse of Another Time by Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF
Little No More by The Hentchmen
Gotta Stop by Badass Mother Fuzzers
John Dillinger Blues by The Fugates
I Kiss You Dead by The Monsters
Blood River by King Mud



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