BIG ENCHILADA 120: Hillbilly Buffet

It’s time for another rollicking Big Enchilada hillbilly episode. So prepare yourself for a virtual buffet of honky-tonk, rockabilly, cow-punk, folk, bluegrass and other down-home sounds designed to tickle your innards. This episode featuring the likes of Holly Golightly & The Broke-offs, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Ray Condo, Butch Hancock and more.
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Here’s the playlist:
Background Music: Bluegrass Special by Bill Monroe)

I Ride an Old Paint by Holly Golightly & The Broke-offs

Crazy Mixed Up World by Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners

Charlottesvillre by Jesse Dayton

Run ’em Off by Lefty Frizzell

Shot Four Times and Dying by Bill Carter

Roadmap for the Blues by Butch Hancock


(Background Music: Oklahoma Rag by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys)

I Made the Prison Band by Bill Hearne

Wild Wild Wild by Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis

Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler

I Want to Live and Love Always by The Maddox Brothers & Rose

White Lightning by The Valley Serenaders

She Was Always Chewing Gum by Grandpa Jones


(Background Music: Festival Acadiens Two Step by Pine Leaf Boys)

Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t by Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Reservation Radio by Eric Hisaw

It’s Nothing to Me by San Antonio Kid

At Least I’m Genuine by Stevie Tombstone

Fancy by The Geraldine Fibbers


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